A visit to the National Gallery and 'WICKED!'

Students enjoyed a marvellous trip to the National Gallery and a showing of the West End smash hit 'WICKED!'.

“On Wednesday 18th of December a large group of students went into central London on a sightseeing tour, National Gallery Visit and finished with us all watching a breath-taking performance of Wicked. We started the London tour on Tottenham court road and while we were on our way to Trafalgar square, we stopped by Shaftesbury avenue and looked at the various theatre buildings as we learned how this road got its name and eventually became the musical wonderland it is. Our next stop was the National Gallery. The paintings flooding the walls were huge and every time you looked back at them you could spot something new. Seeing all the paintings that I had only seen online was cool. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I wasn’t very interested in theatre or musicals, but the performance blew away every one of my expectations. I gazed in amazement at the stage for the whole show. The whole experience of being on this trip was amazing and I loved the whole day.” 


“The trip was great, we went to the art gallery, where I found Van Gogh's Sunflowers, as he used so many art techniques. We saw so many tourist attractions that I can't name them all. Afterwards we came to the musical: Wicked. To tell the truth I don't really like musicals but this one was amazing!!!! After the musical we got the actors autographs!!! (I got a few myself). We went home knowing that no one in the school had a better day than us.” 


“The trip to the Apollo Theatre and The National Gallery was incredible, I had an amazing opportunity to see some of the most beautiful paintings, such as the painting Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh. When we went to see Wicked the Musical in the Apollo Theatre, it was a mesmerizing experience, I highly recommend anyone to go see the Musical in the near future.” 


“We made our way towards Trafalgar square and ate our lunch, we went inside the National Gallery and looked at paintings. Then when we finished, we looked over the balcony and we saw Big Ben and other famous London sites.  We then walked towards the fountain in the middle and walked to the bus stop to catch a bus towards the Apollo Victoria to watch Wicked. It was an amazing show and as I had never seen it before it was even more amazing. After the show we left the auditorium and headed towards the stage door to get some signatures I got one from a dancer, one from Doctor Dillamond and one from Fiyero.”