Yr11 Results Day 20th August

Your child should only come in to collect their results slip at the times allocated below through the Owen gate entrance. A temperature check of all pupils will happen before they are allowed admittance to the Sports hall. Once results have been collected, pupils who have applied to our 6th form will be required to fill out application forms in the main hall before being called to a formal interview with one of the 6th form team where final course decisions and 6th from acceptance will be confirmed. Pupils who have not had an offer from the 6th from at Barnhill can make their way out of the front Entrance following the one way system.



Arrival Time at Owen Road Entrance











We will be providing advice to all pupils once they gain their results including any re-sit opportunities that may be available in the Autumn term. The borough careers advisor will also be available for appointments.

To support the social distancing measures on site we ask that pupils:

  • Do not gather in large groups either on site or outside the school gates
  • Bring their own stationary to complete the 6th form application forms
  • Do not come to school if anyone in the household is displaying Covid symptoms in the days before results day.

Students unable attend:

Results will be posted on Go4Schools on the morning of results day for any pupil who cannot attend school on the day. For students who have been granted a provisional 6th Form place, a member of the team will be in contact either via phone or email in order complete the final stages of enrolment.

The following information has been published regarding the appeals process:

Students can ask their school or college to check whether it made an administrative error when submitting their centre assessment grade or position in the rank order and if it agrees it did, to submit an appeal to the exam board.

Schools and trusts can appeal if they believe something has gone wrong in processing their results – for example, if a centre believes it has made an error when submitting its information; or similarly, that an exam board made a mistake when calculating, assigning or communicating a grade. Ofqual expects that any such mistakes will be quickly found and corrected if they can evidence grades are lower than expected because previous cohorts are not sufficiently representative of this year’s students.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 20th.

Yours sincerely,

Mehul Shah

Deputy Headteacher