A Welcome from the SLT

Ms T Hemming - Chief Executive Office of the Middlesex Learning Partnership:

Welcome to Barnhill part of the Middlesex Learning Partnership.  I am the Chief Executive Officer for our family of schools, Barnhill Community High School; Belmore Primary Academy and William Byrd Primary and some of you may know me from my visits to our primary academies.  My job is to work with Mr Jones the Head of Barnhill School to make sure that you have a great experience and achieve the best qualifications and be the best version of yourself whilst under our care.  I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all, as soon as we get back to normal education.  

Mr J Jones - Head of Barnhill Community High School:

As Head I am delighted to welcome you all to our caring and successful community.  Always remember that school, like life, is what you make of it.  So always try your hardest, always be a good person and live up to our school ethos: ‘Together, achieving our best’. You can easily find me in my office G06. 

Mr M Shah - Deputy Headteacher:

Dear Year 7, my name is Mr Shah and I am Deputy Headteacher at Barnhill. My job here is to make sure you get to study a wide range of exciting subjects and that we always challenge and interest you in your studies so that you can achieve your ambitions in the future. Please do come and find me once you arrive and tell me what you enjoy studying and why. I'm so excited for you to experience all of the subjects we have to offer you. You can find me in F63 or come and say hi in the Playground

Ms G Leonard - Deputy Headteacher:

Hi My name is Miss Leonard and I am Deputy Head for Teaching and Learning at Barnhill.  Welcome to Barnhill!  You have chosen a fantastic school to attend with hard working, kind and talented teachers.  My job involves working with teachers to ensure that you have engaging and brilliant lessons in all of your subjects.  I also oversee the Sixth Form, which is somewhere we look forward to welcoming you to in a few years! Please drop by and say hello.  You can find me teaching geography up on the 2nd floor or in my office (F21) on the English corridor.  

Ms L Hernandez - Deputy Headteacher:

Hi my name is Ms Hernandez, I am one of three Deputy Head teachers and my main roles are student development, behaviour, attendance, inclusion and safeguarding. I am very excited to meet you all soon and to be able to introduce you to the vast opportunities Barnhill has to offer your child both inside and outside of the classroom. Welcome to the Barnhill family. You can easily find me in my office G63.

Mr C San - Assistant Headteacher:

Hello year 7 and welcome to Barnhill Community School. If you are ever lost or confused, then please do ask for help as everyone is very friendly and helpful (except for the numbering system on the rooms!). I look forward to working with you and seeing you progress and develop over the next 5 years into model citizens who make a positive contribution to society. I am in charge of student assessments, data and am the Director of Maths - If you need any help you can find me in S20.

Mr A Balu - Assistant Headteacher:

Dear Year 7, I am very excited to be welcoming you to Barnhill Community High School. My role is based around Student Development, Behaviour and Attitudes and I also help support Careers Education. Secondary school will be a very exciting experience for you, you will learn so much not only in subject areas, but how to develop yourself as a world citizen. The teachers at Barnhill are extremely supportive and will help you as much as possible to settle in seamlessly. If you need my help you can find me in G054.

Ms N Monteiro - Assistant Headteacher:

Welcome to Barnhill Community High School Year 7. Barnhill is an incredibly special place, not only will we provide you with exciting and outstanding learning opportunities we also ensure that you are supported and looked after. We want you to wake up every morning with a smile on your face, safe in the notion that you attend a school that nurtures your academic and personal qualities. You can find me in S21 if you need any help. Get ready for the next stage of your education and what will be a very exciting 5-7 years! 

Mr T Rich - Assistant Headteacher:

I am very much looking forward to working with you next year in History and Geography lessons and seeing you develop into future Sixth Form students over the next 5 years. Starting at secondary school can seem very daunting at first but Barnhill has a wonderfully warm and exciting buzz to it and I am sure you will feel at home very soon in September. You can find me in G103 if you need any help.