Careers: CEIAG

Careers, Education, Information, Advice & Guidance

Barnhill Community High School is focused on students reaching their full potential in the future. We are therefore committed in providing a balanced and comprehensive careers program which helps young people reach their ambitions.

"High-quality careers guidance helps pupils to be well prepared for the next steps in their education."
Ofsted Guidance Document 2018

A well designed careers program allows students  to develop their knowledge, confidence and skills that enables them to progress effortlessly into either further education or into the workplace. The programme also allows them sustain employability throughout their lives.

There are 4 main foci for our careers program:

  1. PSHE curriculum for every year level from year 7 to year 13
  2. Work experience for every student by post 18
  3. KS4 students having a clear careers plan when finishing GCSE
  4. More parental involvement in career choices

The CEIAG plan and contact details for key people involved in the implementation of CIEAG in the school can be viewed on the attachment below.

Careers Advice and Guidance

Careers advice and Guidance is given independently as we employ the services of a qualified Careers Advisor from the Education Development Trust. The advisor is available to see all students during the drop in session at break on Thursday and Friday. Additionally the careers advisor allows students to make appointments for more in depth careers advice it the meeting lasting 30-45 minutes. Within that time a personalised career plan of action is created for the student.


Careers Magazine June 2020