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Enrichment is an enhancement and extension of classroom learning, that gives you the chance to explore your interests as well as discover new ones. All subjects offer Enrichment as part of your classroom activities. Whole-school Enrichment cuts across different subjects and often whole year groups.

There are weekly clubs and teams you can join; special trips and visits you can be selected for; and special visitors we bring into school who talk to whole year groups or do small workshops in writing, science, world issues or even how to get a brilliant career!

So what is Enrichment like in Year 7? Perhaps we should see what our current Year 7 have to say....


"I really am proud to be part of a school with so many wonderful opportunities."

Olivia, Year 7

Students are taken out of school to experience the rich and diverse opportunities London has to offer as arguably the greatest capital city in the world. Year 7 have visited the Victoria and Albert Museum; and centres of cultural importance recently. All of the current Year 7 were taken to the Science Museum in London as part of a school-wide Deep Learning Day last November.

In December selected Year 7 who had worked hard in Term 1 joined other Year groups on a marvellous trip to the National Gallery followed by a walk around some of the famous sights of London. After a showing of the West End smash hit 'WICKED!' students got to meet the stars and get their autographs.



“The trip was great, we went to the art gallery, where I found Van Gogh's Sunflowers, as he used so many art techniques. We saw so many tourist attractions that I can't name them all. Afterwards we came to the musical: Wicked. To tell the truth I don't really like musicals but this one was amazing!!!! After the musical we got the actors autographs!!! (I got a few myself). We went home knowing that no one in the school had a better day than us.”  

Maks, Year 7

For World Book Day, all of Year 7 met an author of 8 books and Guardian columnist as he passed on tips to young writers. Author Philip Womack arrived in a special week of reading and writing culminating in World Book Day. Author of 8 books and a writer for the Guardian, Philip talked about the writing process in a talk with all of Year 7 and did a special reading. Afterwards he ran a series of Workshops writing later,  “I had a lovely time, and how great the school is - it's such a pleasure to see not only dedicated and imaginative staff but also keen and interested children!” 

“Meeting a famous author and hearing him talk in assembly about his books, life and ambitions was particularly inspiring. I really appreciated how he spoke about his books and everyone listened with a great level of interest. He taught me an important thing: to never give up and keep on trying! He had a passion for Greek mythology and taught us all that we had passions too, and could pursue them with courage and determination, which I found very helpful. Some students in years 7,8,9 and 10 were fortunate enough to be invited to some special workshops. During this time, we learnt how to write action in a story from a real author who gave us extremely beneficial tips.” 

Mia, Year 7

The whole school took part in varied activities to mark the 75th anniversary of VE day recently. 

Students carried out written assignments on a range of topics based on age group, with a number of Year 7s presenting poems from the war. 


Year 7 join in an exploration of London following a morning at a Gallery - before going to see a West End Show!

You can find out more about the exciting Enrichment opportunities by clicking or tapping here. Wembley Stadium, Parliament, STEM workshops in Westminster... find out about some of the activities other Year Groups got up to last Year!

The current weekly Enrichment clubs and teams are below. You can also download a copy at the end of this page.