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  • Support to year 12

    Published 12/10/21

    The Social Mobility Foundation delivered some great advice and support to year 12 students looking to attend some top universities in the country.  

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  • Bake Sale Day

    Published 11/10/21

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to our successful bake sale on Thursday and Friday. We, as a team, had a lot of fun planning and executing this for the school to raise money for charity and our future cultural event. A large portion of the money will go towards the charity 'Mary's Meals'. Their vision is to ensure every child receives one daily meal at their place of education, so we are grateful to all those who made it possible for us to raise money for them. The cultural event will take place later in the year and, thanks to your help, we are now able to have numerous fun activities for you all. 

    A special thanks to Kaela, Kaya, Alisha, Samiya, the Prefect Team, and Ms Raheman for helping out!

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  • Open Evening

    Published 01/10/21

    Thanks to all the students,  pupils and their parents/carers who came to visit us on Wednesday, 29 September for our Open Evening. We were delighted to welcome you in person and show you a flavour of the wonderful subjects that form our rich curriculum, the fantastic teachers who inspire and motivate our students, and the excellent facilities we have to support our students' learning. Feedback from visitors was incredibly positive. 

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  • Friday Sports Club

    Published 24/09/21

    Mrs MacBride umpires a fierce dodgeball fixture for Key Stage 3

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  • Vaccinations to be offered at school

    Published 20/09/21

    Vaccinations for students aged 12 to 15

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  • Welcome Back

    Published 14/09/21

    New school year 2021- 22

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  • Final School Days

    Published 02/09/21

    End of the 2020-21 school year

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  • Recording Artist visits Year 7 & 8

    Published 20/07/21

    Top singer-songwriter with moving message for students

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  • Barnhill Radio Launch

    Published 19/07/21

    First Episode Today!

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  • The Best of Barnhill Values

    Published 15/07/21

    Mr Wallace (Head of Social Sciences) shares the students' work to combat the terrible racism directed at England's footballers:

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  • Year 7 Introduction

    Published 13/07/21

    We welcome our new cohort into Year 7 and wish them every success over the coming years at Barnhill Community High School.

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  • Barnhill Excellence in Literacy Week

    Published 09/07/21

    Celebrated author and a performance poet visit Barnhill

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