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  • Art for Art's Sake

    Published 21/03/23

    The Tate Modern Gallery!

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  • All you need is love

    Published 21/03/23

    A sweet Valentine's fundraiser for the Turkey-Syria Disaster Fund!

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  • Science Club

    Published 17/03/23

    Can be a Stick-y Subject!

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  • Appealing News

    Published 13/03/23

    Thank you to everybody who donated items to the Prince's Trust Earthquake Appeal. 

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  • World Book Day

    Published 03/03/23

    Friday 3rd March saw Barnhill Community High School celebrate the importance of reading for World Book Day!

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  • Panathlon

    Published 22/02/23

    Promoting sport and personal development for children with physical or learning disabilities

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  • Business Students and Records

    Published 03/02/23

    Round Round Records!

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  • Year 7 Students Scooting Towards Success

    Published 01/02/23

    On board the VESPA Model

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  • Student Leaders at Taekwondo Taster

    Published 01/02/23

    On Wednesday 25th January we took nine of our year 8 Sport Leaders to assist at a Taekwondo taster session for primary school pupils at the Unit Gym which is attached to William Byrd School. 

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  • History Goes Beyond 'The Norm'

    Published 30/01/23

    A huge well done to Ayan Y7 for his two brilliant posters.

    Recently, students in Y7 History have been learning about the consequences of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. They were set homework to research the Normans in Sicily which Ayan presented in the form of a poster.  The subject provided a connection to their next topic, the medieval Islamic World.  

    Ayan had just learnt about Muslim rule in Cordoba and produced the second poster. I really like the inclusion of Abd Al-Rahman's poem! 

    Ayan has been rewarded with positive Wisdom points for showing such a passion of History! 

    Mr Khan
    History Teacher & Curriculum Lead

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  • BGT 2022

    Published 16/01/23

    Barnhill certainly has got talent! 

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  • Pantomime? O Yes it was!

    Published 13/01/23

    A great British tradition 

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