School Covid Testing - Parent Consent Form

Important Information regarding testing in schools.

Please complete the consent form as a matter of urgency

The government has announced that all schools are expected to conduct testing of all students before full reopening.  These tests are called Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests or ‘quick’ tests.  They are different from the current tests which take a few days to return results.

Many people infected with the Covid virus so not display symptoms, but these people spread it to others.  By testing all students and staff, the school will be able to isolate those who are infected and reduce the risk to all other people.  The tests are safe will be conducted by the students themselves under the supervision of trained staff.

The test involves placing a swab in your mouth and nose and then waiting up to 20 minutes for the result.  You can see full details on this leaflet.

Any child under the age of 16 will have to have their parent or carer’s permission to take a test.  Please do this using this form: Consent form

If the test is positive, the student will have to go home immediately and take a PCR test to confirm.  These are the tests that have been in use since the summer.  They are more accurate, but require you to go to a testing centre and then a laboratory to deliver a result.  These can be booked here: Book a test.

It is very important that all parents and carers book a PCR test straight away as these have a much higher accuracy rate.  If this test is negative then the student may return to school straight away.

Following the latest guidance, students will be completing only 1 test at school and thereafter be taking 2 home-testing kits a week. We will keep you updated of any changes to this.

Thank you for your continued support.