Year 9 - Virtual Options Evening

Important information for you and your Year 9 child. 

Good afternoon,

This message is to support you and your child with the options process.  All of the documents, videos and other resources detailed below can be accessed from the Barnhill Community High School Website

This is a very important month for Year 9 students as they choose their GCSE Options. Evidently the large core ensures a healthy breadth of study, but it is equally evident that some GCSE selections will open up one branch of study whilst closing down another. This GCSE Virtual Options Video will give you a good background to all the available courses, and students will receive briefings within their normal lessons, but of equal importance they will be guided through their options by specialist members of staff in school. 

Please find attached the links to three short presentations giving an overview of the GCSE curriculum as well as practical advice on making and submitting selections. This is supplemented and supported by videos produced by each of the individual Options subjects outlining the topics of study, what to expect from each course and answering common questions.

We regret that we won’t see you face-to-face this year but hope that the resources provided will enable you to make informed decisions about GCSE options. We will do our best to answer any further questions and you can contact any subject leader by finding their email address here:

Barnhill Communication Guide

Please watch the following 3 videos below.

1 - An Introduction from the Headteacher

2 - Understanding Options from the Deputy Headteacher

3 - FAQs from the Raising Standards Lead

Subject specific videos can be found on your child's Microsoft Team Page.

If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact I wish you and your child all the best in choosing their option subjects.

Kind regards,

Mr A Balu
Assistant Headteacher