Moving New Lockdown song from Year 12

6th Form students rise to Lockdown with recording made remotely about facing fears. 

Lyrics, melody and Lead Vocal by Charlie Mossman, other tracks by Cayden Hall as part of their composition coursework. Guest featuring Kaya Mason.

Much of this was composed/recorded in the second lockdown, but the lyrics are about the first. In song is in three parts - I miss them all; followed by the 2020 section - try and listen 0.57 to 1.50 without it getting stuck in your head!; then finally a coda section about facing fears and overcoming them.

Barnhill clearly has seriously talented music students. Listen with good headphones on to get a feel of the mastered tracks.

This is what some of our students had to say: 

"I like that it's about 2020 and it fits the year, as at the start of 2020 we all had high hopes and then Covid 19 started, the tune shows this as the beat goes slower"

Eieshal, Year 7

“The singing was very good and the meaning/moral of the song was great” 

Mohamed, Year 8

“It was like a professional singer!” 

Mohsin, Year 8

“I believe this is amazing! It is upbeat and catchy. Also, it may touch peoples hearts because of the message behind the song. It's very unique” 

Kanishka, Year 8

“I really liked the sudden transitions, it made it interesting to listen to. The lyrics are good and can be felt. It genuinely is a pleasure to be listening to this song” 

Patrick, Year 8

“The lyrics are very relatable and catchy, I’m sure many people would listen to this” 

Huda, Year 8

“I can really relate to the message the song is giving. It's really groovy and I love their voices. The beat composition is exquisite and the melody is immaculate”  

Keyon, Year 8

"Great harmonic movement, powerful lyrics and a clear passion. Cannot wait for what they will bring us next."
Adam, Year 13
"I am shocked that this was made by the year below - it absolutely encapsulates all of the difficulties we all felt during the lockdown. Smashing vocals and technical prowess."
Haris, Year 13