Year 9 Citizenship class excels in law making and debates

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of Parliament and how to be a UK citizen. 

Barnhill Year 9 students had the opportunity to learn all about UK Parliament. Students completed a workshop on Laws & Debating. In the session, the class were able to learn about the role of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, including the work of MP's and what members of the Houses do and how they, as young people, can get their voices heard. The head of Citizenship, Ms Love commented "the students also had the chance to learn about how laws are made in the UK and how laws affect us all. It was a really informative event!" Students were able to follow a law through the houses and took part in a virtual debate and vote. 

This is what some of the students thought:
"Today in our Citizenship lesson we had a talk about Parliament and how laws are processed by the government. I got to share my opinions during a virtual debate and see how I could influence a law being passed in this country if I was to be a member of the government in the future. I know who to give my opinions to now - John McDonnell, our MP."


"I found out what happens in the House of Lords and Commons and how they differ. During the workshop, we discussed the difference between Conservatives and Labour and who/what party represents our area. The virtual debate was fun as we got to debate and then discuss amendments before voting on the bill."