BGT 2022

Barnhill certainly has got talent! 

There was a great response to auditions and many acts came together to put on a marvellous show on 15th December.  There was singing, dancing and acrobatics from some very talented students who performed confidently, commanding the stage. 

Head students, Celine and Patryk, hosted the show and the judges included Mr Khan, Mrs Gabriel, Mrs Winter, Mr Clyne (who put in a performance himself!) and, the super grumpy, Mr ‘bah humbug’ Wootton who was more critical than Simon Cowell but was hugely entertaining! 

Well done to all the participants below: 

Meslen (Y13) sang 'You give love a bad name' 

Sowjanya (Y9) danced to 'Mi Jente & Swalla' 

Taliah (Y8) sang 'Yours' 

Mya (Y9) danced to 'Scars to your beautiful'  

Ashmeet (Y13), Jasveen (Y7), Ushpinderdeep (Y12), Diljot (Y12), Varneet (Y9), 

Manpreet (Y11) and Muhilan (Y13) - performed 'Bhangra mashup' 

Shanika (Y9) sang 'Like my father' 
Isabella (Y7) danced to 'Arabian nights'  

Euan (Y8) sang 'She used to be mine' 

AizahMya and Anika (Y9) danced to 'Believer'  

Keyon (Y10) and Darryl (Y8) ‘Flipping Brothers’ performed to 'Don't fall in love' 

The winners were the Flipping Brothers, Daryl & Keyon and Isabella who each received an Amazon voucher and chocolate treats.