Business Students and Records

Round Round Records!

As part of their A Level Business course, students have been studying the vinyl record store “Round Round Records” and how they target customers and distribute their records.

As part of their character curriculum, students were allowed to see, hold and play records in class. Some of the vinyl’s were over 50 years old!

Three students commented on this experience:

We had the opportunity to see vinyl records and record players in action. We each had vinyl’s of popular songs, especially rock, with mine being Black Sabbath. Mr Church showed us how the vinyl’s work, how the music is played and how to use the record player. From what I remember, the songs are scratched onto the vinyl’s. If the record had multiple songs on them, like albums, the first song being on the outside and the last one being on the inside. What I learned is that on record players you can change the speed of the songs with a dial. I also learned that trying to find a certain song on a vinyl takes ages to master as a fine needle is what changes the sound waves. I enjoyed this lesson as it was practical, enjoyable and we all learned something new about something from a different time.

After learning about Round Round records company as a case study in business, I have learnt how records are used after Mr Church bought his own collection from home! My class and I had the opportunity to explore the differences with how music works today; how sound vibrations get converted into electrical signals as the record spins. It was an unforgettable and exciting experience seeing records and playing them for the first time with the reminder of classical musicians like Elvis Presley.

While learning about different distribution techniques, we focused on Round Round Records as our case study regarding direct distribution. For the class to understand now records work, Mr Church offered to bring his collection in, and explained the basics, for example – learning how to drop the stylus at the right time so a song plays, or how to differ speeds in relation to the size of the record. Being able to have a hands-on experience with records had an impact on me in particular, as I would love to start a collection of my own soon!