Life Outside the School Gates

Today we welcomed visitors from a variety of industries, post 16, post 18 providers, and careers and apprenticeship support to allow Barnhill students to investigate life outside the school gates.

Students engaged with visitors asking questions about skills, qualifications and what opportunities could be available to them in the future.

We were also delighted that a number of parents took up the invitation to attend the fair.

One parent said "This has been really useful, to be able to speak to employers and find out what may be available to my child in the future. Its has been really informative. I want to thank the school for arranging this."

Exhibitors included:

  • The Army
  • The Navy
  • Mars Wrigley
  • The Hillingdon Hospitals Foundation Trust
  • QPR Community
  • Twiggywinkles Wildlife Centre
  • Derby University 
  • City University of London