Summer Concert

‘The World’s most famous and popular language is music’

Psy (Korean singer and rapper)

Our Music department once again did us proud and staged a great event to showcase the talent of our students.

It was indeed a show of variety; young composers performing their own compositions, music from around the globe including a Hindi song from a Bollywood film and a Finnish acapella piece performed by the choir, vocalists and rock band performing covers and an instrumental piece on the synthesiser.

The full programme is detailed below:

  • ‘Rolling in the Deep’ sung by Olivia with Mr C Jones, Divya, Mr Taylor and Satwinder
  • ‘Feel it Still’ performed by Bansari, Darryl, Divya, Janae, Lexi, Olivia and Yvie
  • ‘Mohe Rang do Laal’ sung by Leisha
  • ‘Stay’ sung by Mina
  • ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ performed by Yohann, Jackie and Yvie
  • ‘Yours’ sung by Euan
  • ‘The Embodiment of the Sea’ written and performed by Arjun
  • ‘Lithium’ performed by Jackie with Mr C Jones, Keyon & Suraiyah
  • ‘Tainted Love’ performed Synth Savants – Devan, Malay and Yohann on drums
  • ‘Fear’ written and performed by Mya
  • ‘Enchanted’ sung by Shanika with Arjun
  • ‘Psycho’ performed by Rock Band

Montana did a great job of introducing the acts and the crew behind the scenes ensured the sound, lighting and stage were appropriately arranged for the performers. It was a very slick operation.

The students are a credit to Barnhill and we admire them for their confidence, commitment and aspiration and thank them for a very entertaining evening.