Whitehall Takeover

Congratulations Najwa!

Najwa in 10N was selected by the Virtual School to take part in “Whitehall Takeover”.

The Children’s Commissioner is working with the Cabinet Office’s Youth Policy Team to design opportunities for young people to ‘Takeover’ senior roles in government as part of the annual Takeover Challenge. Takeover Challenge sets out to give children opportunities to take over decision making jobs to gain experience of how the world works, and to put their ideas and experience into practice. The Takeover will offer a unique introduction into the heart of Government for a group of children who often miss out on opportunities. Departments will also benefit from their fresh thinking and talents.’

Najwa was allocated the Department of Education and has since been invited to return to Whitehall to take part in a round the table discussion on Education.

The feedback she has received has been overwhelmingly positive.  Congratulations Najwa - your school is very proud of you!


Whitehall Takeover

Najwa taking over from Graham Archer - Dir of Children’s Social Care

On Wednesday 21 November, I had the opportunity to visit the Department for Education in Westminster, in order to shadow the Chief Executive of Social Services, Graham Archer. The day was an absolute success and I very much enjoyed the experience. 

Firstly, having been introduced to Mr Graham’s personal assistant, Gina, and the rest of his team, I had a little sit down session with Mr Graham Archer himself who explained the proceedings of the day ahead, fully endorsing me into his schedule which consisted of several meetings- including a two hour meeting with the Minister and the heads of social services from different areas. Despite its longevity and complexity, I definitely enjoyed listening. The day continued smoothly and I felt thoroughly captivated by the work done in the department; it even struck an inspiration to get involved in a similar field within me. I was lucky enough to even spend a little time in the Private Secretary’s office with his personal assistants who provided me with information and answered all my questions. And I certainly had many! 

Everyone in the office was so lovely and welcoming, and Graham was also very accommodating despite his busy schedule. To top it all off, he even offered me work experience when I am of age and I will most certainly follow it up! Overall, the day went splendidly and I definitely look forward to next Wednesday’s Round Table challenge.