Prince's Trust students serve up a treat for local super seniors

Each year, as part of their contribution to the community and Prince's Trust programme, students are required to organise a community event.  They planned a tea party for 40 senior members of our community.  It was a very traditional afternoon tea of sandwiches and cake presented and served beautifully.

A truly great occasion and a lovely opportunity to hear stories from the past. One guest actually attended the opening of the original Barnhill Secondary School back in 1949! 

Tavii and George share their own experience below:

On Tuesday I went to a Christmas party with Miss Martin, Mrs Roberts, Miss Shutler, Mrs Gibbons, Mrs Martincevic and there were senior citizens who needed my help with the other year 9 students as well. I was serving the cakes, sandwiches, tea and coffee and more sandwiches and more cakes and more cookies. The ladies on my table said they would give me 11 stars. Mrs Roberts made the coffee. There was also Miss Abdillahi, she helped me carry the coffee to the people. We watched some singers, a girl called Isabella danced to Arabian nights and they played Bingo. I liked it a lot.  

Tavii Y10 

During the Princes Trust senior citizen’s party, I was a waiter and served the tea, coffee, scones and cakes to the senior citizens. It was very enjoyable and there were some good performances including, the piano, dancing and singing. 

George, Y10