Poesiae Contest

Eighteen of our outstanding linguists at Barnhill recently demonstrated their talents in the prestigious Spanish poetry competition, Poesiae, which drew participation from 250 schools worldwide. This incredible event serves as a platform not only for linguistic excellence but also for the development of oracy skills and self-confidence. We celebrated their achievements in an assembly, where certificates were awarded to all participants. It was a moment of pride and accomplishment for everyone involved.

We are thrilled to share some insights from our students about their experience in this enriching competition:

I chose to join the poesiae Spanish poem competition becaue I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring out creativity between art and languages. The poem I chose was: “Con tal de que duermas” by Gabriela Mistra. I thought that there was a lo of imagery and ideas which can enhance both subjects in the most positive and beautiful way. I as also motivated by understanding and analysing Spanish poems to increase my vocabulary.
Neha Year 9

I chose to participated because I was motivated by the opportunity to draw many drafts and this would increase my creativity skills.
Amina Year 9

I love Spanish poetry because it shows lot’s of diversity of Spanish culture and Spanish language. I find it amazing that words can reveal a beautiful picture about people, history, and daily things in life. One day I would like to travel all around the world to learn and understand people and languages.
Venka Year 10

The reason I decided to participate in poetry competition was because I have some real problem with pronunciation in Spanish. I participated to improve pronunciations. The poem I selected was called "La playa tiene una torrea" by Antonio Machado.
Gurleen Year 10