Barnhill VITH Form Students Set Example as Positive Role Models

The students of Barnhill Sixth Form are stepping up to the plate and making a difference as positive role models. These students have taken on various leadership roles and are serving as mentors for younger students.

One of the ways in which these students are contributing is by volunteering to help with lunchtime duties. They can be seen supervising the playground, assisting in the cafeteria, and performing other tasks to make sure that younger students have a safe and enjoyable lunchtime experience. By doing so, they are demonstrating responsibility and setting an example for younger students.

Apart from assisting at lunchtime, Barnhill Sixth Form students are also supporting younger students in many other ways. For example, they are serving as reading mentors, helping younger students improve their literacy skills and develop a love of reading. They are also providing emotional support to those who may be struggling with personal or academic issues.

The most visible way in which Barnhill Sixth Form students are making a difference is by organizing and running a year 7 football tournament during lunchtime. This event has become a highlight of the school year, with students from all years getting involved and showing their support. By taking on this leadership role, the sixth form students are not only demonstrating their organisational and teamwork skills but also inspiring younger students to participate in school life and pursue their own interests.

These students are setting a positive example for others to follow. Their contributions to school life are making a real difference and helping to create a supportive and inclusive school community. The staff and faculty at Barnhill are proud of their students and grateful for the positive impact they are making.