The DVS Foundation Awards

Encouraging sixth form students to strive for success

‘The DVS Awards awarded by the DVS Foundation, were established in 2021 to support teachers in recognising and rewarding Year 12 students for their success over the school year; their belief is that success should not only be centred on academic achievements. Success should incorporate progress, effort, resilience and many other factors, and the programme allows teachers to highlight this.’

Mr Shah shared his own family history and delivered a passionate message about being aspirational and seizing all opportunities that are presented. 

Each school decides their own 10 Award categories and the 10 respective winners. The Awards are presented in an end of year assembly with each winner being gifted a certificate and a £100 gift voucher. The Sixth Form Team selected the following Year 12 students as DVS Award Winners:

  • Dedication Award    Layla
  • Enthusiasm Award   Saleha
  • Tenacity Award         Vismayan
  • Vitality Award             Jainit
  • Ambition Award       Abdi-Rahman
  • Aspire Award             Baldeep
  • Diligence Award        Billy
  • Capability Award      Serena
  • Kind Award                 Tisha
  • Inspirational Award  Precious

Mr Shah was so impressed by two particular members of the Y12 assembly that he created the ‘Contribution Award’ for Palak and Armaan.

All the award winners received their certificate, prize and a letter with their nomination citation on it at the DVS Awards Assembly held on the 5th July. The presenters were our Headteacher John Jones with Priyan Shah (Trustee) and Rupal Shah (Head of Philanthropy), who are both from the DVS Foundation.

Assistant Headteacher in Charge of Key Stage 5 Damian Edwards said, ‘all of the award winners are great examples of the Barnhill Sixth Former; hard working, aspirational, kind and full of potential. We are very proud to have them in our Sixth Form.’