2019 GCSE Results

The school is celebrating another fantastic year of results for Year 11.

Our provisional scores for the Attainment 8 and Progress 8 measures again see us put firmly in the top category of schools where progress is well above average.

38 pupils achieved five grades of 7-9 or more  (equivalent to A/A*) with 54% of all GCSE entries being grade 5-9 (A*-B).  

The top 9 grade was awarded to students in 9 different subjects with Mathematics registering a staggering twelve grade 9s.  A huge 19% of students attained Grades 8 and 9 in maths.

The core subjects continue to be a real strength of the school as shown by the headline measures below.

  4+ English & Maths   68%
  5+ English & Maths   52%
  9-4 English   80%
  9-4 Maths   72%
  4+ Science   70%

Success stories:

  Religious Studies 7+   40%
  Chemistry 7+   47%
  Physics 7+   42%
  Maths Higher Tier 7+   39%
  History 7+   42%
  Child Development Distinction   42%

Many congratulations to the 2019 cohort who worked incredibly hard to achieve these results, taking advantage of all the after school and Saturday sessions that the school provides.