The Victoria and Albert Museum

An exciting visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

“We started off the day with a briefing of what we were going to do for the day. Once we had arrived at Victoria & Albert Museum we were greeted by a friendly employee who instructed us in where to go for now. The place was amazing. They had extremely well-built sculptures of human bodies. We kept going through the different exhibits. My favourite area was the musical production area. They had the costume for Elphaba from the original Wicked show which was worn by Idina Menzel! Overall the whole trip was really fascinating and amazing.” 


“When I found out I was picked I was very excited because I love art. The whole museum was so fascinating. It was such a great day and I had so much fun. We got time to look at all the things in the museum and we could also eat and take breaks throughout the day. We took public transport and I felt very safe with the teachers as they told me everything that was happening and what to do if we got lost. Overall it was just an amazing day and I loved it. I hope I go on more trips in the future.” 



“As an A-Level art student, I found the trip to the V&A museum very insightful on way I can improve my own art skills, but also very fun and it was definitely a very enjoyable time. All the exhibitions were highly educational, particularly the jewellery through history exhibit, where you have the chance to look at the ways jewellery has evolved from 1500 BC up until now and how different materials become favourable over others.” 



“It was so cool! I adored the colourful and artistic sculptures, paintings and fashion designs that inspired me a lot. My favourite part of this trip was the area that told us all about the history of theatre. There we saw a display of the costumes actors used to wear a long time ago, it had animal puppets too. Me and my friends found a little wardrobe with some of the costumes inside that we could put on, it we hilarious but really fun! “ 


“This trip was outstanding! We even wore costumes ourselves and we all had a laugh! The jewellery museum was cool too - there were many high-tech securities because they were all real from ancient times. There was an upstairs and it had a few swords that I was fascinated with because I do like the art of fencing.” 


The displays were huge and some of the items they kept stored were super cool! My favourite part was going to the jewellery displays because there were some really pretty jewels on the rings, necklaces and pendants. Surprisingly some of the cool items were all hairpins”