Oxbridge success for sixth formers!

Mr Jones, Mohamed, Adel and Mr Yates celebrate

Barnhill is delighted to announce that two of our highest achieving students have been offered places at the country’s most prestigious universities.  The school’s established GAMA (Gifted and More Able) programme ensures that all students get the support and guidance that they need to achieve the best grades and go on to reach the best universities and careers.

Mohamed has been offered a place to study Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.  Adel has been offered a place at the University of Oxford to study bio-chemical sciences (molecular and cellular).

We are delighted that the years of hard work that both students have dedicated to their studies have been so well rewarded.  They have always been diligent students and are very grateful to our expert teachers who have given them such a superb education.

Mr Yates, the Sixth Form’s Deputy Raising Standards Leader is also the Sixth Form’s Russell group Universities co-ordinator.  Mr Yates is always available to support students who wish to apply to such universities.  If you, or any member of your family, would like to speak with Mr Yates, please book an appointment via the Year Team.