Songwriter for Justin Timberlake and ex-Little Mix star speak out about issues affecting teens

Mental health, identity and British values considered by Year 8

Year 8 attended an Enrichment assembly, where singer K Zie who has written for Justin Timberlake, teamed up with ex-Little Mix artist Eleni C to perform and discuss serious issues that can affect young teens. Students gave an enthusiastic response to performances by the pair, and readily joined in discussions on a range of issues. As both artists shared stories from their own experiences, many students were moved to share their own experiences, including first-hand accounts of discrimination and dealing with exam stress. At the end of the session students were able to collect autographs and meet the artists, and their tour manager. 

“On Friday 28th February we had guests in the school. It was really fun, they performed for us and spoke about mental health and how we could be ourselves, and not just blend in with the crowd. We discussed if we had any problems there were people we could talk to. I really enjoyed this assembly, it was really interesting and creative and helped with a lot.” 


“I enjoyed Eleni C and K Zie’s voices. They seemed very passionate about their topics, and were engaging us to pump us up and boost our confidence. I loved their humour and attitudes, and how they know speaking about their problems encourages others to join in and step up for themselves.” 


“When they came in they talked about mental health issues and their past experiences. They also talked about British values and about having your own identity and not just trying to fit in with the crowd.”