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November 2019

  • Senior Showcase 10th December at 6pm

    Published 25/11/19

    Please join us for an evening of the best of Barnhill's senior students' talents!

    Entry is free and the show runs from 6pm until 7:30.

    For full details click here

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  • Year 7 Science Museum Trip

    Published 21/11/19

    Science Museum Trip- Pupil reports

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  • Remembrance Day

    Published 11/11/19

    As part of Remembrance Day, I was able to bring my Grandfathers' medals for the students to see.

    Charles Skilton was a Dispatch rider, he was part of the 8th Army in El Alamein. One of his duties involved him taking Earl Alexander to see Montgomery through the Minefields. This earnt him the nickname ‘Skilly’

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  • A Level Literature Trip

    Published 08/11/19

    Strawberry Hill House

    -Mr Devereaux-Ward

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