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  • School Re-opening Survey

    Published 21/03/20

    If your child is in year 10 or year 12, please complete the survey by clicking on these links:

    Survey parents with a child in year 10

    Survey for parents with a child in year 12


    Dear Parents and Carers,

    Re: School re-opening for years 10 and 12 from the 22nd June 2020

    I hope that this letter finds you all well and that you are managing during the covid pandemic.  I am sure that you have read of the government’s ambition that secondary schools should reopen to small numbers of students in years 10 and 12.  Other year groups will not be returning this academic year.  This letter details the approach that the school is taking to re-open.  However, these are only the initial thoughts. Further details will follow as they become available.


    I must stress that the majority of student learning will be via Home Learning this academic year.

    Please encourage your children to follow this programme as much as possible.  We are determined that all students at Barnhill receive the best quality education that we can provide during these challenging times.  The school is only an email away from providing you with support.


    Managing the risks

    Our first priority is to consider how the school can be opened safely; protecting all students and staff from the risks presented by coronavirus.  With the help of experts, we are currently assessing these risks and – while it is not possible to remove all risk – we are taking measures to reduce risks to the safest levels that we can.


    How many students will be returning each day?

    The Government has stated that if schools reopen; a maximum of 25% of students should be in each day.  This way there would be no more than 48 year 10 students in each day and 30 year 12 students; a total of 78 students in all.  Class sizes would be limited to a maximum of 15.


    Lessons that will be available

    It is important that students do not mix with too many other students.  For this reason, we would not be operating the usual timetable where students move to several difference classes.  Students would be placed in to a core subjects class (English, maths and science) and they will remain in this class all day.


    Parent surveys – students in years 10 and 12 only

    An important part of our planning relies on your views.  Please could you complete the online surveys to indicate if you would like your child to attend for a day each week.  We fully understand and support you if you do not wish to do so.  There will be no action taken against any child that does not attend, whatever the circumstances.




    Yours faithfully

    Mr J Jones

    Head of Barnhill Community High School

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