Year 6 Transition 2022

Wednesday 15 June

Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: Barnhill Community School Year 6 Transition

We are delighted to hear that you have accepted your child’s place to join Barnhill Community High School from September and we are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your family to the school.  For the first time in two years we will be operating an in-person transition process this summer term and I write to inform of the next steps and some important dates for your calendars.

We understand that the transition process from primary to secondary education can be daunting for parents and students, and want to reassure you that we will assist in any way we can, to ensure all students arrive at Barnhill, excited and informed about the next chapter of their education. 

Data Collection Form (IMPORTANT):

Whilst we have a basic outline of your contact details and addresses already we ask that you complete a more detailed data collection form by Friday 1st of July. Please CLICK HERE to complete the form.  This will help us to gather more contact information, ethnicity, languages, important medical and teaching and learning details to help us plan for the next academic year.  If you are unable to complete the form online or would like some support, our dedicated admin staff will be more than happy to assist you in completing the form over the phone and you can request a call back by contacting the Main Reception.

School Uniform:

Branded Barnhill blazers and PE kit are only available from VICKY’S UNIFORM SUPPLIER.  All other items can be purchased at low cost from any major supermarket or sports shop.  More detailed uniform information can be found on the school website, please CLICK HERE.

School Ties:

Each year group has its own slightly different coloured tie to help identify students whilst at school.  Your child’s tie colour will be purple for which we collect £5 on Transition Day when they visit us.  We will also be hosting a Parents Information Evening in July and can also collect the £5 tie fee then. Vicky’s Uniform Supplier also sells the school ties but they are more expensive than the cost price we offer.

The School Website:

Our website is the primary source of latest school information and we regularly share important letters from the Headteacher or the Senior Leadership team via the homepage. Before your child starts at Barnhill I would urge you to scroll through the ‘PARENTS’ SECTION of the school website.  We will be updating and sharing the following Transition information and resources: 

  • A welcome from students and the Senior Leadership Team.
  • The Barnhill School Transition Handbook.
  • The structure of the school day, including expectations, policies and procedures. 
  • The structure of the Year 7 curriculum and extra-curricular offer. 
  • An introduction to the tutor and pastoral support teams. 
  • Contact information about the SEND team and support staff.
  • A video tour of the school.

Key Dates & Transition Events:

These events are designed to support students and parents to make the transition process for your child from primary to secondary education as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The outline plan for Transition Day will be confirmed shortly and all Year 6 students invited to Barnhill for the day. Once you have completed the data collection form we will email further updates and reminders for each of these events closer to the time.  The Transition events schedule is as follows:



For Whom

Primary School Visits

June & July


SEND Transition Day and Single Student Transition Morning

4th July

SEND Students and students from other schools with few Barnhill joiners.

Transition Day

5th July

All Students

Parents’ Information Evening

TBC July


Welcome Packs (posted)


Parents and Students

Induction Day

2nd September

All Students

Supporting My Child / Meet The Form Tutor Evening



Key Contacts:

We have an incredible team of staff who assist and support in managing the transition process who are at your disposal for further support and guidance. 

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. T. Rich
Assistant Headteacher i/c Key Stage 3