End of Spring Term letter from the head

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29th March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


The return to school

I write to you at the end of a very busy and productive return to school.


It was a great pleasure for all staff to see the students return on from the 8th March and the testing went very smoothly.  Fortunately, we have only identified 3 cases of Covid since the 8th March and all close contacts have been isolated away from school.  While I understand the frustrations of many parents that their children have to spend more time at home, isolation is a vital step in preventing the risk to the whole school community.


The control measures, such as isolating, washing hands, wearing masks and wiping desks are such important measures to keep everybody safe and keep the school open.

I would also like to remind all parents that Barnhill has very high expectations of behaviour.  Any behaviours that risk the health and safety of others will not be tolerated.


End of term and summer term

The term ends on Wednesday 31st March.  All students will finish at the normal time, with the exception of period 6 which is cancelled for older students.  The summer term begins on Monday 19th April at the normal times.


Centre assessed grades

As I am sure you have read, schools will again decide on the grades that are to be awarded this summer for GCSE and A Level.  The school is currently devising a system so that this can be done fairly based on the work that students have completed.  Each subject has a schedule of assessments that students can use to see which pieces of work will calculate their grades.  This transparency will ensure that students know how their grade has been decided.  If they have any questions they should speak with their teachers or head of department.


Final thoughts

To keep in touch with the school’s many events, please do visit our website.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members of the school community the very best health at this time.  I am sure that all families have been affected by the Covid pandemic to some degree.  Please know that if you require any support from the school, you have only to make contact with us. 


Yours sincerely


John Jones