Child Development

Why study Child Development?

The Life Skills curriculum at Barnhill Community High School focusses on equipping students with the skills and confidence to progress in their future endeavours; no matter the path they choose. The curriculum is a well-rounded foundation for further study. As BTEC Tech Awards are designed to be taken alongside GCSEs, students have the opportunity to apply academic knowledge to everyday and work contexts. This gives them a great starting point for academic or vocational study post-16, as well as preparing them for future employment. 

The Programme of Study

The course is made up of three components: two that are internally assessed and one that’s externally assessed. Our three-block structure, explore, develop and apply, has been developed to allow students to build on and embed their knowledge. This allows them to grow in confidence and then put into practice what they have learned.  

Component 1: Supporting Children’s Growth and Development develop their skills, as they move through the course. 

Component 2: Learning through Play Course work component PSA Internally and externally moderated 

Component 3: Supporting Children to Play, Learn and Develop Examination component. 

Important textbooks, resources and websites 


Research-based tasks I.e. on how babies grow and develop, milestones development. 

Enrichment Opportunities 

Visit to the V and A Childhood Museum
Speakers coming in to school
Work Experience at nurseries and primary schools