Programme Leader for Whole-School Enrichment

Enrichment is an enhancement and extension of classroom learning, that gives students the chance to explore their interests as well as discover new ones. It is now also considered key to increasing future employability as it aims to develop core life skills such as organisation, time management and teamwork which in turn increases self confidence and motivation. Universities and employers are wanting to see these abilities more and more to help gauge a person beyond their grades and qualifications.

"I really am proud to be part of a school with so many wonderful opportunities."

Olivia, Year 8

At Barnhill Community High there is a growing number of weekly curriculum enrichment opportunities ranging from technology clubs to sports to choir; as well as non-curricular activities such as a film club, photography club, yoga club, chess club and debating society to name but a few:

You can download the timetable at the bottom of this page

Talk and workshop feedback from Elphaba in Wicked!

Laura Pick plays Elphaba in Wicked! Probably the greatest female lead role currently available in theatre. She took time out from preparations to reopen at the Apollo Victoria to speak to Barnhill students and give feedback on performances, as well as perform live to the delight of the students.

Show Racism the Red Card Week at Barnhill

Year 7 - 10 discuss issues in 5 session event and prepare for National competition in creative writing and art. The school teamed up with the National movement 'Show Racism the Red Card' (SRTRC) to take part in a competition for a piece of creative writing, and a piece of art. 

Top Scientists talk exclusively to Years 7 - 9 to mark British Science Week

All students in Year 7 - 9 attended an hour-long talk with Q&A, given by Scientists, exclusive to Barnhill,organised by Mr Potts as part of our Character Curriculum. There were 8 sessions in total, with some Scientists speaking twice.

Educational Visits

Allied to this, groups of students are taken out of school to experience the rich and diverse opportunities London has to offer as arguably the greatest capital city in the world. Students have attended museums; centres of cultural importance and even the West End of London! You can see a snapshot of recent events near the bottom of the page. 


Outstanding Visitors into School

The third strand of Enrichment is bringing experts in their fields into the school to give an insight into the world of opportunities and possibilities that exist for all. Recent visitors have included a medical doctor giving advice on a career in Medicine; an international finance director of a large corporation; artists with number one records under their belt; a celebrated children’s author and professionals from TfL, the Home Office and Regional Health services. We recently welcomed an author of 6 books and Guardian columnist on World Book day. 
Enrichment is part of the School's Character Curriculum programme. In our aim of enriching student experiences at secondary school, we hope to build lasting memories, provide unique insights, and allow students see and experience the life choices available to them, some of which they may not have previously considered as they go on to become valuable members of our society, and play a part in shaping it’s future.

Character is important – a CV may get you the interview, but character will get you the job.

Tim Peake, Astronaut.

Some of our Enrichment Events from this year are shown below

STEM Science Workshops in Westminster

Year 9 and 10 girls took part in a STEM workshop at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. This was an invitation only event from the organisers with only 200 participants Nationally. 



“It was a pleasure to meet your students, who were all incredibly engaged and asked really insightful questions, not just on STEM careers but also on topics like wellbeing, confidence, and dealing with life’s obstacles. One of our speakers got in touch afterwards to say that she herself had felt inspired by the conversations being had and this is down to how open the students were!"  

Siobhan Sherry, Head of Biomass Electricity  Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy 

Behind the scenes at Parliament 

An Enrichment visit to Parliament occurred on 13th December 2019. Students from Year 9 and 10 visited the House of Commons and the House of Lords with a guided tour. Following that, they had a workshop at Parliament on Voting and Representation - the day after the General Election!


The National Gallery, London landmarks, and Wicked! the Musical

Students enjoyed a marvellous trip to the National Gallery followed by a walk around some of the famous sights of London. After a showing of the West End smash hit 'WICKED!' students got to meet the stars and get their autographs.


“The trip was great, we went to the art gallery, where I found Van Gogh's Sunflowers, as he used so many art techniques. We saw so many tourist attractions that I can't name them all. Afterwards we came to the musical: Wicked. To tell the truth I don't really like musicals but this one was amazing!!!! After the musical we got the actors autographs!!! (I got a few myself). We went home knowing that no one in the school had a better day than us.”  


An exciting visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London 

 “We started off the day with a briefing of what we were going to do for the day. Once we had arrived at Victoria & Albert Museum we were greeted by a friendly employee who instructed us in where to go for now. The place was amazing. They had extremely well-built sculptures of human bodies. We kept going through the different exhibits. My favourite area was the musical production area. They had the costume for Elphaba from the original Wicked show which was worn by Idina Menzel! Overall the whole trip was really fascinating and amazing.”  


Year 8 students visit the Historic English Heritage Site of Kenwood House

With expert-led workshops, students explored the emergence of the abolition movement of the 18th-century; and the lives of the Mansfield family during interactive sessions. 






Wembley Stadium

A group of Year 8 students enjoyed a VIP access-all-areas Enrichment trip this week. 

Students sat in the historic England dressing room, gave their own press conference and enjoyed talks from staff who work at the stadium.  

Students were picked for this visit by their Head of Year for excellent personal achievement in school to date. 

Churchill Underground War Rooms

In late February twenty Year 8 and ten Year 12 students went on an Enrichment visit with Mr Liddell and Ms Swain to the “Churchill Underground War Rooms.” In the words of the museum, their mission was to ‘Discover the secrets hidden beneath the streets of Westminster in the underground nerve centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Second World War.’  

“I enjoyed all of the interesting things I saw. There were many things that I learnt about Churchill and the Second World War that I didn’t know about and I have since told other people. The statues in the rooms looked really realistic. I liked that you had a sort of phone which told you information at every point.”  George 

Tate Modern

A mix of Year 8 and Year 10 students visited the Tate Modern to attend an exhibition by the artist Dora Maar. Art teacher Mr Moules led the students through the gallery of contemporary works. Afterwards, Assistant Headteacher Mrs Monteiro led the students on an exciting guided tour of the sights of central London. 


The British Museum

A group of Year 9s were taken to investigate the treasures of the British Museum. From the Mummy of Katebet to Samurai Armour; and from the Elgin Marbles to the Rosetta Stone students described the day as a real adventure. 



Online Learning

Enrichment has continued at Barnhill during the CoVid-19 lock down within the school’s fantastic online learning platform. There has been an enrichment activity for at least one year group each day in the form of a respected virtual visitor from most walks of life, who is an expert in their field, including, television, BBC, BP, Mastercard, John Lewis and top scientists, writers and mathematicians.

VE Online Commemorations

The whole school took part in varied activities to mark this important milestone in the UK’s history. 

Students carried out written assignments on a range of topics based on age group, including ‘what is VE Day and why we mark it’; The policies Britain fought against, key conflicts, bravery, and post-war Britain after VE Day; Invasion, occupation, resistance, and liberation; and the Blitz, rationing and bravery. Some students interviewed a Royal Navy Captain and others presented war poems. As students moved between activities we recorded an amazing 837 students during the session, with 1,048 total views in total through the main portal with a further 92 accessing through alternative links with a smaller bandwidth.