The Access and Fresh Start Department

The Access Department is a unique, creative and supporting unit to all the new Year 7 students who had a slower learning journey at primary school. The aim of this department is to bridge the learning gap of these learners who did not attain the required national levels at Year 6 so that they can join their peers in mainstream classes much more confidently. The class numbers are small with personalised well structured lessons, routines and a safe nurturing environment to allow learners to develop at their own individual pace. It begins in Year 7 and extends into Year 8 and  Year 9 to cater for those learners that need more support to enter mainstream lessons. 

Fresh Start Curriculum

In addition, a further  programme called 'Fresh Start' supports the Access curriculum. Here the learner is vigorously exposed to phonics, reading and understanding, spelling and grammar. A regular test has shown how the child has made  remarkable progress with Fresh Start. This is offered in Year 7 and Year 8. 

This has proven to be highly successful as it  supports the child in every subject. Barnhill prides itself with this department - every child matters and access ensures that the skills, values and safety a learner needs to enter the wider arena is provided.