Our Staff

All staff at Barnhill Community High work hard to provide a first-class education which prepares our students both for further study and employment, and to be confident and constructive citizens in our society.


Barnhill Senior Leadership Team 

Headteacher Mr J Jones
Associate Headteacher Mrs T Qureshi
Deputy Headteacher Mr T Rich
Deputy Headteacher Mrs K Winter
Assistant Headteacher Mr D Edwards
Assistant Headteacher Mrs S Kichenside
Assistant Headteacher Mr A Mashida
Associate Assistant Headteacher Mr D Hillman
Associate Assistant Headteacher Mr A Khan
Associate Assistant Headteacher Miss C Love
Associate Assistant Headteacher Miss J Panesar


Curriculum Leader of English Ms S Sriram
Lead Practitioner of English Mr A Young
Curriculum Implementation Director Mr A Wootton
Deputy Curriculum Leader of English Ms K Petsopoulou
Deputy Curriculum Leader  of English Mr R Devereaux-Ward
English Teacher Mrs I Falad
English Teacher  Ms S Naeem
English Teacher  Ms P Dhaliwal
English Teacher  Mr M Millington-King
English Teacher  Mr C Alderson
English Teacher  Ms H Miesegaes
English Teacher  Mr C Spoor 
English Teacher  Ms J McGrath


Curriculum Leader of Maths Mr M Sangha
Deputy Curriculum Leader of Maths Mr H Chentouf
Assistant Curriculum Leader Maths YR12 Dr M Liadi
Assistant Curriculum Leader Ms M Bhachu
Assistant Curriculum Leader Ms S Ahmed Hagi
Head of Year 11 and teacher of Maths Mr A Abdillahi
Head of Y9 and Maths Teacher Ms N Clark
Assistant Lead/Protected Cohort Mr B Watts
Teach First Maths Ms N Jain
Maths Teacher & Professional Mentor Mr P Poonith
Maths Teacher Ms M Lowe
Maths Teacher Mr T Steele-Dadzie
Maths Teacher Ms C Rush-McKay
Maths Teacher Mr J Gill
Maths Teacher Mx N Karthic


Curriculum Leader of Science Ms I Ponnuraj
KS4 Raising Achievement
and Transition Leader
Mr L Macauley
Head of Curriculum Intent
and Implementation
Ms S Zramalval
Head of Chemistry Mr S Babber
Head of Medical Science Mrs A Sharma
Head of KS4 Biology & Combined Science Ms A Rasoul
Head of KS3 Science Ms S Mohobuth
Head of Physics Mr S Thanikasalam
Head of Biology KS5 Miss P Kaur
Deputy Head of Year KS5 Miss J Taylor
Teacher of Science Miss C Kelley
Teacher of Science Miss B Evans-Brown
Teacher of Science Miss J El-Khoury
Teacher of Science Ms N Qaiser
Teacher of Science Mr M Sabri
Teacher of Science Miss Q Tang
Teacher of Science Ms Z Qawasmeh

Life Skills 

Curriculum Lead Life Skills Ms C Jumpp-Graham

Business & IT 

Curriculum Leader of Business and Enterprise Mr J Church 
Curriculum Leader of Economics and Accounting Ms M Moore
Curriculum Leader of Computer Science Ms N Liban
Deputy Curriculum Leader of Business Ms H Newell
Head of Year 7 & Teacher of Business Mrs A Kanda 
Applied Computer Science/IT Ms J Jacobs
Computing Mr J Coleman


Curriculum Lead Ms L Luke
Curriculum Lead Access & Technology Teacher Ms S Arjoon
Technology Teacher Ms N Clark
Food Technician Ms C Lewis

Art & Photography 

Curriculum Leader of Creative Design Ms R Mitchell
Deputy Curriculum Lead  Ms E Balcomb
Creative Design  Mrs S Arjoon
Art Technician Ms K Amjad
Art Technician Mr P Allen
Teacher Ms R Gupta
Head of Technology Ms L Luke

Modern Foreign Languages

Curriculum Leader of Spanish Ms I Aguilera
Curriculum Leader of French Ms C Abélard 
Assistant Curriculum Leader of MFL Ms Z Khadra 
MFL Teacher Ms V Castry
MFL Teacher Ms M Anani Agbo
MFL Teacher Mr J Forde

Music | Dance | Drama 

Head of Drama Mr G Pilkington
Curriculum Leader of Music Mr R Taylor
Music Teacher Mr C Jones
Dance Curriculum Leader/Teacher  Ms S Bhandari


AHT and Curriculum Leader of History Mr A Khan
Assistant Head Teacher History Ms S Kichenside
ECT Mentor/History  Ms L Swain
 Rasing Achievement Leader KS5 & History Teacher Ms F Thomas
Deputy Curriculum Lead Mr M Liddell


AAHT & Curriculum Leader of Geography Ms J Panesar
Geography Teacher Ms K Kean 
Geography Teacher Ms R Abdullahi

Social Sciences 

 Curriculum leader Mr S Wallace
Teacher of Social Sciences,
RS and Philosophy 
Miss Ahmed
Teacher of Social Sciences and RS  Miss Love
Teacher of Social Sciences and RS Miss Rodrigues
Teacher of Social Sciences  Mr Shah
Teacher of Social Sciences and Citizenship  Miss Raheman
Teacher of Politics Miss Swain
Teacher of Politics  Miss Kichenside
Teacher of Social Sciences Mr Watton 

Physical Education 

PE Curriculum Leader Ms R MacBride
PE Curriculum Leader Mr C Clyne
Head of Sixth Form & PE Teacher Mr P Shepherd
AAHT & Achievement Officer KS3
& PE Teacher 
Mr D Hillman
Head of Year 7 & PE Teacher Ms M Howell


Mrs C Gibbons SENDCo
Mrs A Martincevic Assistant SENDCo


Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms H Snaith 
Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr C Green
Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr J Jones

Cover Supervisors 

Mrs S Flowers Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Howard Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Bond Cover Supervisor

Teaching Assistants

Miss  S Bhattacharjee HLTA 
Mr M Gardener HLTA
Mrs D West TA
Ms A Frost TA
Ms M Shutler TA
Ms D Dissanayake TA
Ms S Irwin TA
 Ms O Beezmohun TA

EAL & Other Support Staff

Ms G Vokic EAL Coordinator
Ms A Gabriel

 Inclusion Manager, Medical & Welfare Manager and Dance teacher

Mr M Nash EAL TA
 Ms Y Ocakli Learning Resource Centre Manager
Mr N Wakefield Lead Counsellor
Ms S Arjoon Curriculum Leader Access

Pastoral | Learning Mentors 

Pastoral Support Manager years 7 Mrs E James
Pastoral Support Manager year 8 & 9 Mrs D Gill
Pastoral Support Manager years 10 & 11 Mrs L Dixon
Inclusion Manager Mrs A Gabriel
Sixth Form Manager Ms C Fitzgerald
Student Learning & Wellbeing Mentor Ms G Raychandhuri

Administrative Staff 

PA to Headteacher and SLT  Ms D Nash
Operations Manager Mrs C Buckley
HR Officer Ms D Hand
HR Administrator Ms S Shearing
Senior Administration Officer Mrs S Palmer
Receptionist/Administration Ms P Healy 
Receptionist/Administration Ms M Markwell
Attendance Officer Ms R Mustafa 
Attendance Assistant Ms S Namaly
Trust Financial Controller  Ms E Nazari 
Senior Finance Officer Ms A Makki
Senior Finance Officer Ms T Franklin
Admissions Officer Ms C Franklin
Reprographics Ms M Johnston
Trust Data Manager Ms R Dhillon
Student Support Officer Ms C Raheman
LRC Manager  Ms Y Ocakli
Exam Officer  Mr S Forouhesh