Our Staff & Governors



All staff at Barnhill Community High work hard to provide a first-class education which prepares our students both for further study and employment, and to be confident and constructive citizens in our society.

Leadership Group  
Ms T Hemming Executive Head Teacher
Mr J Jones Head of School
Mr S Ross Deputy Head
Ms C Lamb Assistant Head
Ms N Monterio Assistant Head
Mr A Mashida Assistant Head
Ms G Leonard Assistant Head
Ms S Flick-Smith Chief Financial Officer
Key Stage Teams  
Mr D Hillman Head of Year 7
Ms F Dale Head of Year 8
Mr C Clyne Head of Year 9
Mr S Mann Head of Year 10
Mr P Shepherd Head of Year 11
Mr Tarabi Head of Year 12
Mr Wilson Head of Year 13
Ms S Wheeler Raising Standards Leader Years 6-8
Mr S Gaddu Raising Standards Leader Years 9-11
Mr A Khan Raising Standards Leader Years 12 & 13
Business Studies  
Mr H Polnyj Curriculum Leader of Business
Ms H Newell Deputy Curriculum Leader of Business
Mr Z Ani Business Studies/IT Teacher
Ms M Moore Business Studies & Accountancy 
Creative Design  
Ms R Mitchell Curriculum Leader of Creative Design
Ms B Griffin Art & Textiles Teacher
Ms G Gulyas Resistant Materials and Graphics Teacher
Ms J Sawtell Textiles Technician
Ms J Jordan Graphics and Resistant Materials
Ms P Ennever Food Teacher
Mr A Mall  Food Teacher
Ms S Belingy Art and Photography
Ms S Sriram Curriculum Leader of English
Mr A Young Lead Practicioner 
Ms P Dhaliwal Assistant Curriculum Leader of English
Mr F Alexander English Teacher
Mr Hardwick English Teacher
Ms M Zywiecka English Teacher
Ms P Bhatti English Teacher
Ms K Petsopoulou English Teacher
Ms A Quainoo English Teacher
Ms A Michaels English Teacher
Ms W Yates English Teacher
Mr R Gordon Head of Geography
Mr C Clyne Geography/PE Teacher
Ms J Panesar Geography Teacher
Ms M Dirie Geography Teacher/Cover Supervisor 
Mr M Liddell History Teacher
Ms  F Thomas History Teacher
Mr T Wilson RE Teacher
Mr N Clarke History Teacher in Charge
Mr S Wallace Head of Social Sciences
Mr R Frencel History Teacher
Ms Bristow Psychology Teacher in Charge
IT & Computing  
Ms S Aboagye Deputy Curriculum Leader of IT & Computing
Mr Z Ani IT & Computing Teacher
Ms P Holt Business and IT Teacher
Life Skills  
Mr S Gaddu Care Teacher
Ms C Jumpp-Graham Care Teacher in Charge
Mr H Chentouf Curriculum Leader of Maths
Mr M Liadi Assistant Curriculum Leader of Maths
Mr T Chipepa Maths Teacher
Ms J Whyte Maths Teacher
Ms S Fall Maths Teacher
Ms J Gill Maths Teacher
Mr L Berchie Maths Teacher
Mr P Poonith Maths Teacher
Ms K Quail Maths Teacher
Ms S Dietz Maths Teacher
Ms N Clark Maths Teacher
Mr K Patel Maths Teacher
Modern Foreign Languages  
Ms V Castry MFL Curriculum Leader
Mr J Forde MFL Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr R Clapham MFL Teacher
Ms M Anani Agbo MFL Teacher
Performing Arts  
Mr S Mann Music Teacher/ Head of Year 10
Mr M Cairns Music Teacher in Charge
Mr G Pilkington Drama Teacher in Charge
Ms H Randall Performing Arts Curriculum Leader/ Dance Teacher
MS S Bhandari Dance Teacher
Physical Education  
Ms R MacBride PE Curriculum Leader
Mr P Shepherd PE Teacher
Mr J Reid PE Teacher
Ms F Dale PE Teacher
Mr D Hillman PE Teacher/Head of Year 7
Mr A Watson SHSSN
Ms B Cooke SHSSN Sport Co-ordinator
Mr L Macauley Senior Curriculum Leader of Science
Ms I Ponnuraj Deputy Curriculum Leader of Science
Ms R Begum Assistant Curriculum Leader of Science
Mr A Maughan Assistant Curriculum Leader of Science
Ms S Ahmed Science Technician
Mr H Ahmed Science Teacher
Mr R Kumar Science Teacher & Careers Lead
Ms S Babber Science Teacher
Ms N Fish Senior Deputy Curriculum Leader of Science
Ms M Ashley Science Teacher
Ms S Nourzad Science Teacher
Ms S Somji Science Teacher
Mr R Tarabi Science Teacher
Ms T Bliss Science Teacher
Mr D Gaskin Science Teacher
Ms V Wright Science Technician
Year 7 Access  
Ms S Arjoon Access Teacher
Mr B Watts Access Teacher/Numeracy Co-ordinator
Pastoral/Learning Support  
Ms V Barracks Counsellor
Ms A Gabriel Alternative provision Director / Dance Teacher
Ms K Davidson-Allers APSO for Years 12-13
Ms A Bedwell APSO for Years 9-11
Ms M Mascarenhas EAL TA
Mr M Nash EAL TA
Ms S Flowers HTLA
Ms L Howard HTLA
Ms G Vockic EAL Co-ordinator
Ms A Martincevic HTLA
Ms L Bond HTLA/Cover
Ms C Flaherty Home-School Support Officer
Ms L Dixon Pastoral Support Manager Years 9, 10 & 11
Ms S Taylor Pastoral Support Manager Years 6-8
Ms C Muyah SENCo/EAL Co-ordinator
Ms S Caton SENCo Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms H Jose TA
Ms N Kolomiyets TA
Ms O Beezmohun TA
Ms S Bhattacharjee TA
Ms C Gohil TA
Ms S Wagjiani TA
Ms S Smith Thinking Reading Co-ordinator
Ms L Shew Welfare Officer
Administrative Staff  
Ms T Dyer Trust HR Manager
Ms D Hand HR Administrator 
Ms S Palmer Admin Assistant
Mr J Ryan Admin Assistant
Ms C Lewis Admin Assistant/Food Technician
Ms K Powell Admissions Officer
Ms C Gill Literacy Assessment Assistant 
Ms M Kindley-Deeks Careers Advisor
Ms R Farrey Examinations Officer
Mr V Rupra ICT Support Technician
Mr B Sweeney ICT Director
Mr S Simmonds ICT Support Technician
Ms L Cass MIS Director
Ms R Dhillon Data Manager
Ms P Healy Receptionist
Ms M Markwell Receptionist
Ms M Johnston Reprographics


Governors play a very important role in the school community. They monitor the progress the school is making, appoint key members of staff, and ensure that both students and staff operate in an appropriate way. 

Below is a list of Barnhill’s current Governors and expiry of 4 year term of office:

Name Expiry of 4 Year Term of Office Governor Type
Jacquie Smith (Chair) October 2021 Co-opted
Jackie Knight (Vice Chair) September 2021 Co-opted
Russell Middleton January 2022 Parent
Teresa Cannon June 2021 Co-opted
Shiv Babber June 2021 Staff
Karen Powell October 2021 Staff
Rosie Masih April 2022 Parent
John Jones N/A Head of School
Vacancy   Co-opted
Vacancy   Co-opted
Vacancy   Co-opted
Vacancy   Co-opted

Clerk to Governors Lisa Cass can be contacted via lcass@mlp.org.uk

The register of Business Interests for Governors and MAT Directors has nothing to report.