Rewards and Sanctions

A summary of our Rewards & Sanctions can be found here and some examples of actions that will immediately invoke a detention are below:

  • Truanting a lesson
  • Lateness to lesson
  • Removal from lesson due to serious infringement of policy or not responding to ‘remind’ and ‘reflection’ warnings.


A student who signs in late at reception (after 8:20am) will be issued a lunchtime detention for 40 minutes and should report to the Assembly Hall as soon as lunchtime begins. Students will ALWAYS have the chance to get lunch from either the snack shack or canteen when in a detention over lunchtime.

Detentions may also be issued for contravening Barnhill’s Behaviour in the Community policy. 

Students are responsible for attending their detentions and can check the time and location of any detention on the board outside the Pastoral Support Managers’ office.

Deliberately missing a lunchtime detention will result in an after-school detention of one hour on the same day and a notification will be sent home.

The Head of Year will contact home if students fail to attend an after-school detention.  The consequence of missing more than one detention will be the loss of break and lunch time for 2 days.

A student will receive a two hour after-school detention on a Friday overseen by a member of the Senior Leadership Team if they fail to report to the Referral Room to serve their loss of break and lunch time sanctions issued by the Head of Year.

Should a student choose not to attend the SLT supervised detention, the Assistant Headteacher for their Key Stage will request that they spend an extended day in the Referral Room the following Monday.  Parents will be contacted by the Head of Year, Pastoral Support Manager or Assistant Headteacher who will explain the escalation process and the opportunities that the student was given to comply with the school policy.