Primary Heads, PLTs & Governors Comments

"Thank you for organising the Change 4 life event.  I meet our children coming in back to school when they returned from the event.  I saw 9 very happy and excited children who told me they had an wonderful time. In particular saw one child who had the biggest smile and kept jumping for joy when he was explaining the activities to me.  If only we could measure that with percentages."

"It was a really enjoyable afternoon and I was really impressed by the organiser - it's well worth the money. I was also impressed with the young leaders who seemed really switched on."

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your enthusiastic work for our pupils – they and our staff are really enjoying it!"
"Just wanted to thank you for yesterday's dance festival. Ran smoothly as ever and the kids loved it. Same time, same place next year I hope!"
"Thank you for yesterday the children really enjoyed themselves.  An excellent competition."
“Thank you for all your hard work this year; we have thoroughly enjoyed all the events/activities.” 
“Long Lane colleagues have said, ‘We have found SHSSN invaluable."
“We have always valued and encouraged links between the primary and secondary schools. Our children are constantly enthusiastic about learning more sports but we do not have the necessary specialist skills within our staff.” 
“We would take any opportunity to have support from secondary colleagues. This could be for an after school club, a series of PE lessons and/or training for staff.” 
“We have benefited enormously from the support offered by the PE release. Events such as the Sports Festivals just would not happen if they were not arranged on our behalf and it gives all of our children opportunities to participate in sports competitions - not just those who excel. Previously it was mainly the children representing the school who took part in competitions but now all of our children expect to do so.” 
“The opportunities our pupils have been given to take part in Olympic and Paralympic sports have been the envy of colleagues elsewhere and through them our children have gained a real understanding of the sports themselves as well as having a chance to play them. These opportunities are also leaving a legacy in our children and their families about being more active - which can only benefit our secondary school colleagues who will be receiving fitter Year 7 students keen to engage in a range of sports.”