Year 7

Head of Year 7 School Welcome

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our current and prospective parents and carers on behalf of all at Barnhill Community High School. I have taught here since January 2006; I have been a part of the planning and establishment of our Year 7 School.

We have worked hard to ensure that the Year 7 students have access to a balanced curriculum and aim to offer all students the chance to achieve. We strive to develop in our students a strong sense of community and encourage and celebrate the demonstration of our core values of respect, wisdom, aspiration and community.

In addition, students choosing to attend Barnhill Community High School at the end of Key Stage 2 can look forward to the benefits of being taught by dedicated staff and state of the art facilities. This build ensures a smooth transition from Year 6 to 7 by eradicating the anxieties many students feel when leaving their relatively small primary schools to join a large secondary school. The contemporary architecture and style of the building allows for a more creative and flexible approach to curriculum design and the curriculum has been planned to allow students to develop the skills necessary to progress in a modern and rapidly changing world.

We are immensely proud of the progress our school has made over the last few years, making us not only one of the top performing schools in Hillingdon, but also the country in terms of academic progress and examination results. Please see our website for a virtual tour of the school to see for yourselves.

Mr S Mann
Head of Year 7

Year 7 Team

Head of Year: Steve Mann

Pastoral Support Officer: Dee Gill