Year 7 Careers Advice

The Education Development Trust

I am employed by The Education Development Trust to deliver careers advice and guidance and deliver in a number of schools in Hillingdon. I have been working with Barnhill as their Independent Careers Advisor since 2016.

My role is to offer students advice and guidance as to what steps they may need for take to follow a particular career path or what their next steps maybe post 16 and post 18. You might be thinking “I’ve only just arrived and she’s already talking about when I leave”.

Don’t worry - You have plenty of time to think about that. Over the next few years you will see and hear from me more often as you travel up the school and start to think about life after education.

You might have some ideas now that stay with you, you may have ideas now but find that as you start to learn new subjects and more about yourself you change your mind or you may have no ideas at all! All of that is OK I am here to help you work it out as you go.

If you want to try and find out some careers that you might like in the future you could try, find out what animal you are and what that might mean in the future.

I am a Seahorse by the way.

If you have any questions regarding careers education, please email me at: