Year 9

Head of Year 9 School Welcome

Welcome to Barnhill Community High School! A school that applies its core values of Wisdom, Respect, Ambition and Community to the heart of every lesson, extra-curricular activity and pastoral care undertaken here.  

We at Barnhill, pride ourselves on the dedicated staff that ensures your child feels safe, secure, supported and most importantly listened to at every step as they embark on their learning journey. Year 9 is last year of KS3 at Barnhill and it the year that students pick their options choices for GCSE. We have a broad range of subjects for students to choose from and we will guide them through their choices.

At Barnhill, we are proud to have the word community at the heart of our school as well as our ethos. We hope that as a community we can work together to build an academically rich future for prospective students. That said it is with our warmest welcome and encourage you to visit with us on our virtual tour so that you can see for yourself, the school at the very heart of your community. 

Mrs Clark 

Head of Year 9

Year 9 Team

Head of Year: Natalie Clarke

Pastoral Support Officer: Lynne Dixon

Assistant Headteacher: Ajay Balu